We want to do some good!

SomeCuteThing is continuing to get bigger! I’m hoping that we can do some good, and have decided that anytime that a post goes viral on Facebook (I’ve only had one so far) that I will add a donate button to a new animal shelter or animal related charity!!

But to do this, I need some suggestions, and links to their page! It has to be a Facebook page for me to be able to add a donate button! So, you can go to the SomeCuteThing Facebook Page here and send me a link on that, or you can just send me the link on here! I’ll check them out and see what the next charity/shelter or whatever will be the next to get a donate button! That last earned over 1,000 dollars!!

Some Cute Thing is making a difference.

On Monday, Some Cute Thing on Facebook posted a video I found and the caption read: “That look of love from a just adopted dog ♥️♥️” and it was a pitbull looking up at a man with so much love and care in its eyes. I posted the same video on here. 

On Tuesday that post blew up, and the video has been viewed over two million times.

This morning I found our the truth behind the video. It was actually a shelter worker who was caring for the pitbull, and just a day after they posted the original video the dog was adopted.

So I edited the post with the true story behind it on Facebook and Tumblr, and added a donate button to that specific shelter on Facebook, and I’m happy to report that Some Cute Thing has gotten over $600 in donations for that shelter!!

I’m so excited that Some Cute Thing is able to do so much good!! I can’t wait to see how much more I can do in the future!


June, 23rd, 2019

Hello everyone! SomeCuteThing is branching out! We are trying to get on a few different social medias. We’ve had our Instagram out for a couple of months, and I just made a Facebook page today! 

If you have a Facebook and you want this cuteness on your Facebook dashboard instead of your family’s political posts, or friends drama then click this link and like our page! It’s pretty empty right now, but we will be posting a lot soon! 

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!