Some Cute Thing is making a difference.

On Monday, Some Cute Thing on Facebook posted a video I found and the caption read: “That look of love from a just adopted dog ♥️♥️” and it was a pitbull looking up at a man with so much love and care in its eyes. I posted the same video on here. 

On Tuesday that post blew up, and the video has been viewed over two million times.

This morning I found our the truth behind the video. It was actually a shelter worker who was caring for the pitbull, and just a day after they posted the original video the dog was adopted.

So I edited the post with the true story behind it on Facebook and Tumblr, and added a donate button to that specific shelter on Facebook, and I’m happy to report that Some Cute Thing has gotten over $600 in donations for that shelter!!

I’m so excited that Some Cute Thing is able to do so much good!! I can’t wait to see how much more I can do in the future!

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